Celebrity Hairstyles - Lindsay Lohan: Red Again?

Earlier this year we were shocked to see photos of Disney-movie starlet, Lindsay Lohan, looking gaunt and pasty. She lost a dramatic amount of weight, rumours were she was suffering from an eating disorder.

She was almost un-recognisable - her beautiful, curvy figure was practically gone and her famous red locks had been bleached. Some celebrities should not mess with their natural hair color.

However, I'm pleased to announce that recent photos of Lindsay Lohan show her sporting a much more flattering hair color.

Her hair was red back in September for the Premiere Movie Awards, and just last month at a Fendi store opening she was seen with a new, darker hair color.

Personally, we all agree red hair brings out the best of features, but this rich, chocolately brown is certainly an improvement.... As is the slight weight gain!