Man Fashion Show: Gucci SS 09 Review

Typical summer shades seemed far from the minds of numerous designers at the beginning of fashion week.

That was, of course, until Frida Giannini injected some unbridled life into the proceedings.

At Gucci, bold stripes and elaborate florals were found on ultra-slim pants and variegated styles of that true Gucci-jacket which now seems ubiquitous.

Giannini aimed to convey 'youth and luxury' – which also meant soundtracking the show with indie-favorite 'Time to Pretend' by MGMT.

Not only is Giannini reminding us of the archetypal Gucci aesthetic, she is also making clear her distinct lack of vision for the development of this line.

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Courtesy of Emerald Bridal

Man Fashion: Classic Pieces Every Man Should Own

The backbone of a stylish male wardrobe requires certain essential, well-crafted pieces. because these items are enduringly chic, they should be of sufficiently good quality to last for multiple seasons. Some may require a significant initial investment, but their long lifespan will often warrant the investment. :)

These items are the wardrobe and accessory staples every man should own; the things so ingrained into our lives that even after one of them falls apart, we go out and buy another in the very same style. Just be sure to follow the golden rule of selecting staple items when shopping: remember to Stick to neutral colors such as black, brown, gray, navy, white, and tans of they can be easily matched with each other or brighter colors if need be. With that rule in mind, rad on to discover which pieces will help you to achieve your smoothest style ever.

  • Black Dress Shirt
  • Overcoat
  • Scarf
  • Brown Dress Shoes
  • Cashmere sweater
  • Leather Belt
  • White T-Shirt
  • White Dress Shirt
  • Sport Coat
  • Black Socks
  • A Suit
  • Black Dress Shoes
  • Polo Shirt
  • Jeans