Business Attire - Signs of a Good Fit Part I

You can't determine if a garment fits you if you don't know it's supposed to fit. The proper fits of your jacket, shirt, and pants are determined both relative to one another and relative to your body! Yes, your body as well. So in this coming week, I will bring all of you to look at all these three man fashion garments, jacket, shirt, and pants one by one.

Shirt Collar Fit

Your dress shirt collar should appear trim, but sit loose enought to accomodte comfort and future shrinkage. Remember! When you're trying a shirt on, a finger should fit between your neck and the collar with a bit of wriggle room to spare!
Lastly, half an inch of your shirt collar should be visible above your jacket collar!

Jacket Collar Fit

Simple, your jacket collar should lie flat against the entire circumference of your shirt collar.

Shoulder Fit

The shoulder line of your shirt and jacket should align with your body's natural shoulder line. The fit of your jacket here is especially important, if only because it is so visually apparent when it's off.

Jacket Length

Your jacket should hang just long enough to cover yoru entire ass, but still afford your legs maximum length.

Sleeve Lengths

When your arms are hanging loose at your side, your jacket's sleeve should extend to the first knuckle of thumb; where the wrist becomes the hand. Your shirt sleeve should extend a bit longer, so that half an inch of it is visible past teh jacket cuff.

So remember to visit me again for Part II of Sign of Good Fit.

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