Man Fashion: Fashion Pop-Up stores Near You?

If you are wondering what is this Pop-up Stores all about? Then let me tell you then. More and more Clothing companies are start to reach out to school, ie. sell directly to school. Reason is simple, to reach out to this big and lucrative market segment. Just take September for example, flip-flop maker Havaianas, a brand owned by Sao Paulo Alpargatas SA, plans to set up a temporary "pop-up" store on five campuses in the U.S.  

Victoria's Secret's Pink, a young women's clothing brand, this fall is opening its own pop-up store at about 12 schools, up from 10 last spring. Sustainable-clothing brand RVL7 is installing a bamboo-clad temporary ministore at six to eight campuses this fall. I am sure there are more to come. So maybe from next Spring onward, you might able to get LV school bag or Levi's 501 jean from your campus.

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