MAC Eye Shadow Palettes

Hey guys! I get a lot of questions about my MAC eye shadow palettes that I use in my tutorials so I figured this would be the best way for you all to see them and how I organize them. These are all my palettes that I use on myself. No kit stuff here. (I just really love eye shadows ok? haha) I really just organize them in a way that makes sense for me. Also, not all of them are full...I kind of have a phobia of filling them up! ...because then there's no room for more! :) Gotta' have room to grow right??

Labeled from left to right, top row to bottom row.
Colors followed by a * are my favorites :)
Colors followed by a (P) are Pro colors

Top Row: Nile, Moon's Reflection, Vellum*, Tilt*, Sky Blue(P)
Middle: Cobalt (P), Atlantic Blue*(P), empty, Freshwater, Electric Eel
Bottom: Nehru*, Meet the Fleet, Contrast*, Flashtrack, Blue Flame

Top: Warm Chill, Surreal*, Aqua(P), Aquadisiac*
Middle: Kelly*(P), Steamy, Teal blue (P), Parrot*
Bottom: Newly Minted, empty, Gulf Stream, Cool Heat

Top: Sumptuous Olive, Juxt*, Bitter, Pagan, empty
Middle: Flourishing, Humid*, Bio Green(P), Swimming*, Lime(P)
Bottom: Club, Plumage, Bottle Green*(P), empty, empty

Top: Soft Brown*, Patina, Cork, Warming Trend, empty, Honesty*
Middle: Folie, Swiss Chocolate, Bronze, Satin Taupe*, empty, Honey Lust
Bottom: Embark*, Handwritten, Mineral, Mystery*, Brun, Soba*

Top: Blanc Type*, Yogurt, Shroom, Dazzlelight*, Sunday Best*
Middle: Vanilla*, Brule, Phloof, Ricepaper*, Vanilla
Bottom: Mylar*, Bisque, Solar White, Naked Lunch*, All that Glitters

Top: Crystal, Digit*, Beautiful Iris*, Plum(P), Vex
Middle: Parfait Amour*, Poison Pen, Lilac Touch, Shale*, Illegal Cargo
Bottom: Climate Blue, Graphology*, Indian Ink(P), Signed Sealed, Blackberry*

Top: Trax*, Stars 'n' Rockets, empty
Middle: Sketch*, Hepcat, Creme de Violet*
Bottom: Beauty Marked, Vibrant Grape*(P), Fig.1

Top: Apres-Ski, Copperplate*, French Grey, Electra, Arctic Grey
Middle: Typographic, Print*, empty, Knight Divine, White Frost
Bottom: Carbon*, Mont Black, empty, Cloudburst, Crystal Avalanche

Top: Pen 'n' Pink, Sweet Lust*, Pink Freeze, Wintersky
Middle: Soft Flower, Sushi Flower, empty, empty
Bottom: Post Haste*, Passionate, Cranberry, empty

Top: Nylon, empty, Samoa Silk, Firespot, Mythology*
Middle: Gorgeous Gold, empty, Paradisco, Rule*, Expensive Pink
Bottom: Chrome Yellow, Bright Sunshine*(P), Coral(P), Red Brick(P), Coppering*

How I keep the actual palettes organized:
I keep them in a drawer of my vanity with the labels on the back. These are just simple labels that you can buy in the office/school supply section of any store. They peel off super easily too, as I've had to replace them several times because they get dirty. They should stay nice for months though :)

If you have any questions about the palettes or shadows themselves (where to buy, how much they cost, MAC Pro, etc.), check out my YouTube channel. All those questions are answered in my new MAC FAQ video (coming soon!) I also show you how I have them organized in the drawer.