Man Fashion: Designer Dress Gloves

If you already own a pair of fine men dress gloves, than it is always not too greedy to look for another pair. I know Christmas and new year are over, but getting yourself a nice pair of men dress gloves is a piece of fashion accessory that will never go out of style, and it is a perfect gift for your friends and family members.

So before you decide what to buy, let me briefly share some of the basic tips for men dress gloves.

The Right Outer Materials
The outer lining of fine dress gloves should be exclusively made out of leather. There are many different types of leather and depending on the occasion and preference, some types of leather a better suited than others, such as goatskin, calfskin, or pig-skin or peccary pigskin. So the most important criteria to consider are such as durability, thickness and of course resistant to stains.

For more formal occasions, such as black and white tie events, the best suited gloves are made from white kid (young goat) or goatskin. For formal events during the summer fine cotton is also acceptable.

Inner Lining
The inner lining on cloves is carefully stitched to the leather before sewing the glove together. Lining is used to provide additional warmth and comfort. With this in mind, choose the lining based on your climate. The best lining for men dress gloves is cashmere. It is extremely warm, non-itchy, and very breathable.

Matching Gloves to Your Outfit
As a general rule of thumb, match the gloves to your outer coat or your shoes. My personal preference is white, but other common dress glove colors are black, brown shades resembling cork (light brown), chestnut (medium brown) and mahogany (otherwise known as dark brown).

Until then, enjoy shopping! :)

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