Man Travel: Travel with Style Part II

In my previous post, I shared about travel with style, what essential wears to bring, today I will share with you other important travel tips.

Build the layers
Layer the bottom of your case with all crushable items to build up a flat base.

Keep Your Pants Uncreased Lay your pants together over the flat base so that half of the pant is in the case and the remainder is hanging out of the case. Fill inn the rest of the case and before closing, fold in the rest of your pants so they are never quite folded in half.

Save Your Dry Cleaning Bags Pack your shirts in dry-cleaning bags to minimize the need to iron. Dry cleaning bags can be the traveler's best friend. They reduce many wrinkles that a suitcase can create in your garments.

Packing a Jacket is Simple If you don't have a suit pack to minimize wrinkles. Let not worry, you can lay your jacket with the hem against one end of your suitcase and fold it over closer to the shoulder. Ironing and your body heat will take care of any wrinkles that may occur.

Invest in a Suit Pack To avoid any hassles of having to re-iron everything when you reach your destination, the best is to invest a suit pack!!

Get a Wet Pack Why is that so? To put all shampoos, skin care and any other small traveling bottle in this traveling wet pack. This will save you from a major blow out if any of the bottles leaks in your bag.

Keep all the Important Pieces with You Pack all your travel documents, money, essential clothing like cardigan, T-shirt (minimal) and medicines in your carry bag. If your luggage lost in transit, no matter how long for, will then not be a complete disaster.

Ties Extend a Traveling Wardrobe A change of tie can completely transform your outfit and your look. It is easy to carry and simple way to appear to have an extensive wardrobe even if you do keep wearing the same suit.

Toilet Bag is What you Need If you travel often, get a separate toilet bag with all necessary toiletry items. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination only to realize you have left your toothbrush, toothpaste or deodorant behind.

Lastly, remember to pack clothing which co-ordinates. This way, if one item is soiled you can replace it quickly with another top or bottom without having to carry a whole second outfit. Em..I think I cover most of the important aspects.

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