So by now, a lot of you probably have already heard about this sale. It's been posted on at least 3 blogs I follow, but I HAD to share it as well because there are deals too good to miss!

Item 1 contains 19 items: 11 tube lipglosses and 8 trio eye shadows. $27.00
Item 2 contains 30 items: 20 double-sided eye pencils and 10 liquid eyeliners. $22.00
Item 3 contains 30 pairs of lashes! $24.00
Item 4 contains 30 items: 15 Diamond Sparkle Lipglosses and 15 Single Eyeshadows $41.25
Liquid Makeup (Glass Bottle): Each shade (7 in all) sold separately for only $1.40 each

These prices are insane for the amount of product you get. Because I can't resist a good sale, I purchased items 1, 2, 3, and 1 of each of the foundation shades. Honestly, I only purchased item 1 because of the squeeze tube lipglosses. Perfect for my kit. I'm not crazy about the eye shaodw trios usually so I'll probably give most of them away. Item 2 looked awesome mainly because of the pencil liners (the colorful side). They look like gorgeous colors. Only bad thing is that I'm going to have 20 black liners on the other side of them...haha. Item 3 was a no-brainer. False lashes are expensive and these look like awesome ones! ...and 30 pairs of them!?! Insane. I was hesitant about purchasing the foundation because I really like to use good quality foundations in my kit and I've never tried these before. But to spend only $10.50 on the entire shade range? Sold.

I believe the sale lasts until April 30th.

Thoughts? Wishlists?? GO :)