Nails: MAC Violet Fire

MAC: Violet Fire (LE Style Warrior collection)
MAC nail polish.... where do I begin?? It's a serious love-hate relationship. The colors always suck me in. As you can see in the pictures, they look nice, but when I start to use them I'm always let down and reminded of why I hate them. The formula honestly sucks. The end result turns out nice...but that's after 3 coats and a lot of patience. Now I don't own a ton of them or anything (I have about 8), and all of them are the same. Thin, streaky, blehhh. I just don't have much patience with nail polish and 3 coats is just ridiculous. But it seems that's what MAC wants us to do. haha
Time and time again I tell myself, "Tiffany, no more MAC nail polish," and somehow, I always end up with more and more.
But seriously, past all the work and trouble and frustration (I'll say it again, 3 coats is just excessive...) this is probably one of the prettiest colors I've worn in a while. It's a very gorgeous purple with lots of dimension. Gorgeous with a good topcoat--Seche Vite for me, or Sally Hansen Mega Shine (basically the same thing) OH and I think I spot a misprint...maybe? The formula on the bottle says "cream" when it's clearly a frost. hmmm

**Couldn't get a good "true" picture of the color. It's in-between the two pictures, but a little darker and more vibrant. The last pic just looks dull :( Oh well.