NEW Sigma Brushes (SS188, SS109)

I have been SO excited for these new Sigma brushes for months! Since the MAC 188 and 109 are two of my favorite brushes, I was super excited, and skeptical at the same time that my beloved 188 and 109 could never be replicated. Since I absolutely love all my other Sigma brushes and the quality on them are amazing, I guess I wasn't that shocked that these were no different.

(MAC on left, Sigma on right)
(My MAC 188 had just been washed, so it looks a little more spiky.)
Honestly, the only difference I noticed between the 188's were the handle lengths. The Sigma SS188 handle is slightly longer.
MAC 188, $34
Sigma SS188, $14
I love these particular brushes for applying liquid foundation or any type of cheek color or highlight.

(MAC on left, Sigma on right)
The only noticeable difference between these two is that the Sigma brush is less flat on the top. When used, it feels exactly the same and delivers the same results.
MAC 109, $32
Sigma SS109, $14
I love these particular brushes for applying/blending liquid foundation, cream or powder cheek color, contouring, and highlighting.

They've also released a new version of the SS182 brush, now with a longer handle.

Find all the new brushes here: