Topcoat Superior to Seche

If you are into nail products and you've ever browsed the "higher-end" nail polish section at your favorite stores, you've probably heard of Seche Vite topcoat. I only recently bought it after hearing wonderful things about it. However, I really had never looked much into topcoats because I've been faithful to a certain one by Sally Hansen for years.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat

Of course, through the many I've gone through, the bottle has changed a bit over the years, but honestly, this stuff is the best topcoat I've ever used...In my opinion, even better than Seche. The formulas seem almost identical. Even the scent is the same (which slightly differs from most nail polish). It has that same thick feeling and when applied over wet nail polish and creates an even, glass-like finish. Best part, it seems to dry extremely fast, even faster than Seche.

The first time I used Seche, I was a little fooled. It looked super shiny...SUPER shiny. I thought it may have been possible that I had found something superior to my beloved Sally Hansen one. Honestly, I was just impressed that something actually was similar to the Mega Shine, simply because I had never found anything like it. But after a day, the shine just wasn't as high as I'd hoped anymore. It seemed to wear off. Nothing horrible or anything, but it was definitely no Sally Hansen Mega Shine... I also feel that the Sally Hansen really prolongs the wear of my nail polish much better. I've used Seche for weeks now and have had the same experience with it with several different polishes and formulas. Don't get me wrong, Seche Vite is GOOOD stuff. Would I have LOVED it if I hadn't have had the Mega Shine to compare it to?? Yep. But nothing compares to my Mega Shine. If you've never tried it, I would obviously highly recommend it. Now keep in mind, the Seche Vite is around $9.00 most places (I got mine from Ulta). However, it's on sale right now at Ulta for $4.99. The Sally Hansen Mega Shine is around $7.00 most places. So you're not going to be saving any money or getting a great deal or anything by trying the Sally. I just feel that it's better.
My bottle of Mega Shine is about 7 months old and it's in the older bottle. So I REALLY hope they haven't changed the formula at all, but over several years and several other packaging design changes, it's stayed the same. Hopefully it always will!
You can find the Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended wear topcoat in most drugstores--anywhere that Sally Hansen products are sold.