My BDAY Wishlist

Since I love Miss Lorrainey (and her blog too) I figured I would join in the fun and do a b-day wish list also because hers was so fun.
For those of you wondering my birthday is July 16th (I'll be tha big 2-5...EEEEK)

*This is not an actual list I would give to someone or expect to get all of or anything. These are more like things I would just buy for myself...haha

My ultimate want for this year was a trip to Vegas...
...which actually is happening! Leaving July 9th with my friend Ashley. The trip began with a simple phone call to her from me explaining how we needed to go see New Kids on the Block again ( heard that right) toward the end of their tour somewhere close to home. Bad idea sending me to check out the remaining dates...I saw Vegas and my eyes lit up. Vegas...SO not close to where we So we're seeing them again at the Palms in Vegas on the 11th and turning it into a full out b-day weekend. So excited!!

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 35- Azur
I love the classic Speedy design. I have a traditional brown monogram Speedy 30 already and while I love the monogram print, I've always really wanted this particular light blue Damier print. I think it's a little less "flashy" and "WOOO loooka my Louis!!" than the monogram one. Plus I always feel weird when I carry something that is really flashy and has designer labels stamped all over it just because I always feel like a giant ass when I combine that with my Chanel Sunglasses or glasses. It's just too much. So I really love how understated this one is. Plus, it's just a gorgeous bag.
I live kind of close to a few LV stores, but I think it would be exciting to maybe buy in Vegas...?? ;) Especially since there's a LV store at my favorite place in the whole world--The Forum Shops....hmmm

Canon Powershot SX10is
Love this camera....NEED this camera. I was going to buy it a few months ago, but it had been on backorder for a while. It's in stock at my Best Buy now, so I might pick it up soon!

House of Harlow earrings
I looove both of these. I think Brad is getting them for me :)

Kirra White Suede Wrap bracelet
So cute and summery!

Wallflower refills from Bath and Body Works
I lOVE these. I have at least one in pretty much every room of the house. Yep. Even the closet :)
My favorite scents are Spiced Cider, Velvet Tuberose, Brown Sugar and Fig, Passion Fruit & Guava, and Coconut Lime Verbena.

***A long massage at my favorite spa***
I so need this. Period.