The King of Pop Leaves the Stage

There was a big shock for me on last Thursday, when I heard the news of Jackson sudden died.
Sadden because he was so young, because he led such a lonely, isolated life, and because he wasn't able to allow anyone close enough to him who could help him make better decisions about his life.

Michael Jackson was more than an icon he was an inspiration to all. No matter if that person was young or old. He is my inspiration because no matter how bumpy the road got or how times seemed to pull him down he just stayed himself and continued doing what he was doing.

Michael Jackson
I adored Michael Jackson because of that and it shows me that i shouldn't let anything or anybody get me or keep me down.
King of Pop
Thank you so much for the music you have shared to the world and to me. You'll always be in our memories for as long as we all shall live. LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP!!!!!!!!!

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