September MAC Collections!!


September '09
-9/10 - MAC in HD
-9/17 - Fall Trend Collection
-9/17 - Pro Colour Expansion Collection
-9/24 - Style Black
-9/24 - Zoom Fast Black Lash
-9/24 - Dazzleglass Cremes

September is going to be very different! As you'll see from my wishlists below, I'm quite intrigued by colors out of the norm. (black lipstick, etc) Not that I'd wear it everyday, but I love the artistic possibilities. Plus, with these collections you have to look beyond the typical use for these. Just because a lipstick is jet black doesn't mean that you apply it full on black, straight from the tube. Use it to alter the shade of another lipstick, or apply it sheer with a lipbrush mixed with another shade of gloss. The possibilities are endless. Much more exciting than the typical lipstick shades.
Here are my wish lists and thoughts on each collection:

9/10 MAC in HD

This collection seems (honestly) like MAC's way of jumping on the "HD" label bandwagon. ...without actually creating any new products. Or maybe they're just saying... "HEY! look, we've been HD all along!! ...uh, because we've always had these products...??" haha I dunno.
The Face & Body foundation is worth a try if you've never used it before. It's very unique. It's on the thin side, but it has buildable coverage and looks natural. It's a staple in my kit.
As for the lip colors, I'll have to see them in person. They sound like colors that are already in the permanent collection. Nothing too unique.

9/17 Fall Trend Collection
hmm...this collection is confusing. I dunno, aren't all the fall collections supposed to be "fall trend"? wow, I'm on a roll today...haha. Ok, enough with the smart comments. :) I just feel like these products could have been included with other collections. It's a fairly small collection, but aside from all my negative remarks, I honestly like the looks of most the products!

lipsticks: These are the two that look interesting, but I'll have to check out the others in person
-Faultlessly F/W
-Our Pick

lipglass: they all sound really unique
-Runway Fave
-New Berry
-So this Season

-Tone-Grey eye shadow quad (not the most unique looking, but I'm curious...definitely will swatch this one in person before purchasing)

9/17 Pro Colour Expansion Collection (Process Colour Collection)
...maybe it's my imagination, but I thought they had most of these colors in the permanent Pro line already?? Basically, they've chosen Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black to add to the permanent pro collection of chromalines, pigments, chromacakes, paintsticks, etc... Meh.

9/24 Style Black
This is the one worth saving for! (in my opinion, at least!) I may as well not even make a wishlist. I really want it all. I'm in trouble...

-Black Knight lipstick
As for the mattenes, I'll have to check them out in person. Never been a huge fan of them)
-All 3 Glimmerglasses. These look so fun!
With the Mineralized Eye Shadows, Young Punk definitely sounds pretty! I'll have to see them all in person though to decide.
-Greasepaint Stick in Intense Black- This is basically like a painstick-type product, but pointier I think....and leaves a shinier finish
-Baby Goth Girl nail polish- haven't seen any pictures, but I can only hope it's as pretty in person as it with pink and purple pearl :)

The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is back! I know lots of people swore by it last summer-- even buying multiples upon multiples of backups of the stuff. Not sure if I'll try it because I'm funny about trying new skin stuff, but I might see what all the hype is about.

About the Cream Colour Bases-- I have Bat Black, but it's definitely a color worth getting if you don't have it already (it's a pro color).

9/24 Zoom Fast Black Lash
Yay for a new mascara formula! Not sure if I'll try it right away because it's going to be permanent, but it seems like an amazing formula. Described as being very volumizing and super black. Sounds good to me!

9/24 Dazzleglass Creams
LOVE Dazzleglasses. Can't wait to try these. I'm not going to pick certain colors because I'll have to check them out in the store first before deciding.

Check out the collections for yourself :) What are YOUR wishlists? What are YOU most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below for a chance to win a Sigma travel brush set!
Winner will be announced Thursday, September 3rd. (No need to rush. The winner will be randomly selected on the 3rd)