Lash Enhancing Eyeliner? Buxom Lashliner from Bare Escentuals

How did I not know about this stuff? Actually, with all the lash-enhancing products out there now, how did other brands not think of this sooner? Especially since you apply them all "as you would an eyeliner".

I guess as a long-time MAC Blacktrack Fluidline fan, I've never felt the need to look elsewhere for a good black gel liner. I came across the Buxom Lashliner by Bare Escentuals on a trip to Sephora about a week ago. I had to do a double take as I glanced over the little selection of gel liners claiming to be a "Lash Enhancing & Conditioning Treatment". Sold. Seriously, why didn't I own something like this already? We all know how much I adore my black eye liner and wear it pretty regularly. Adding a lash treatment in the mix just makes good sense. And at $15 for a 2gram jar (MAC Fluidline is 3 grams, just to give you some comparison), I felt like that's reasonable for the quality ingredients and if it actually delivers. It comes in three shades, a black, brown, and a black with silver micro-glitter. I purchased Leatherette, the black shade.

So I've been using this product for a week straight, mainly looking at the actual wear and quality of the liner. Just because it hasn't been enough time to see any benefits where the lash-enhancement is concerned.
To my surprise, (Because honestly, lets face it...this stuff seems kind of too good to be true) it applied easily and has great pigmentation. And even better, sets to a smudge-proof finish. However, it does take a little longer to dry than fluidline, but that's not a problem for me since I have a habit of setting liners with black eyeshadow anyway-- even gel liners. Other than that, it's very comparable to Fluidline.

Then for the really rewarding part-- The formula contains natural ingredients and no parabens, which is always a little added bonus. It contains ingredients that actually stimulate hair growth as well as other great ingredients that support healthy lash growth and keep them conditioned.
Now I've never used any lash-enhancing products before and mine are naturally pretty thick, black, and long to begin with. Like I said, I haven't used it long enough to see real results, but I'll report back in a month :)

This is available at Sephora and most everywhere else you can purchase Bare Escentuals products. Click here to read more about the product and for shade info.

*Products mentioned in this post were purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with any brands or companies mentioned.