New Nails for Spring...


It's no secret that pastels are always popular trends in Spring collections, but this year, I'm especially loving the light, bright pinks and corals for the upcoming season. Essie has always been a favorite brand of mine, but I've been especially loving it over the past few months. I picked up a few colors from their Spring collection (which I'm definitely going to add to soon!) as well as a new MAC shade.

First, my favorite...
Essie Tart Deco
This is by far one of the best nail polishes I've came across in a very long time. The color, the formula... everything. It's a bit more orange than it actually photographed. When I paint my nails, I like to build the color in thin coats. A lot of the time, nail polish formulas will let me down and it makes me have to glob on too much because it's thin and streaky. With this one, it applies evenly and opaque with one thin coat. If you were in a hurry, you could probably get away with one coat. But with two, it builds to a gorgeous, even peach color that is bright and creamy pastel at the same time. Love it.
When I bought this, I thought the color in the bottle looked a bit too similar to MAC's Coconut Ice, which I was wearing on my nails at the time. I almost didn't buy it. I am SO glad I did, because these two colors are so very different. ...and honestly, the MAC formula in that shade sucks and just doesn't compare to Essie's Tart Deco.

MAC Coconut Ice
In the bottle, it's an absolutely gorgeous shade. This one is a bit more pink and the color isn't as intense. However the formula is not great. Thin and very streaky, which at this point I kind of always expect from MAC nail polish. But it's a nice color, so when I actually have the time and patience to apply 3 coats, I'll reach for it again. In the picture, I had done two generous coats.

And last, another shade from Essie's Spring collection. Honestly, when I saw the collection advertised in magazines and even in the store when I saw them in person, I wanted this color the most! I'm constantly looking for a nice light, bright, OPAQUE, cream (no frost) pink.

Essie Pop Art Pink
...and after trying this, I'm still looking. I'm disappointed in this one because it's much more sheer than I expected. And I love Essie, but lets just be honest... Do they really need ANOTHER sheer pink? It seems they have an endless range of this exact shade already. So I don't quite get it. You can see how sheer it is in the pictures, and that is with 2 *very* generous coats. It's definitely a shade I'll use when I want a sheer pink and natural look. But I've already got a few of those already, so I was just a little disappointed.

With that being said, I would love for you guys to recommend good pinks to me- Ones that look similar to the shade of this one, but is more opaque. What are your favorite pinks?