Red Glitter Nails for the 4th!

Illamasqua in Untold

Happy 4th of July everyone! I'll be sporting this color on my nails while cooking out and seeing a fireworks show to celebrate our Independence Day. Looks very cute with my blue romper! :)

Ok, so enough of that- about the color... Red is not my favorite color and I usually despise the hassle of glitter nail polish, but this combo is actually quite nice. This shade is a very dense glitter, which is sometimes hard to find. However, if you want that nice opaque, similar to the bottle look, you'll need to invest some time in this and apply 3 coats. And also a genius tip from my friend Lorraine-- Apply a coat of clear nail polish first, before applying the glitter so that removal is much easier. Also, don't forget a top coat to finish the process. ...Yeah, so that's a good 5 coats of nail polish right there. Yeah, they're a little thick and clumpy, but the glitter disguises it pretty well and looks really fun. :)