How often do you wash your hair?
First off.  I wash my body EVERY SINGLE DAY.  We are talking hair here people!  It just all depends on what I do to my hair and how it feels after a couple of days!  Normally, every three to four days.  The first day I'll leave it down.  The second day, if it still looks and feels nice, I might curl it.  Third day, I throw it half up.  Fourth day it's always in a braided bun or whatever other hairstyle that keeps it off my face! 

How are you able to do that?  Doesn't it get too greasy?
I've been at this a long time, and so my hair just doesn't produce much oil anymore.  It all started when I was little.  I was a lazy little thing, still am!  And in highschool I was ALWAYS running late and forced to just throw it up and not wash it!  I've learned though, that being lazy sometimes work out! 

If you wash your hair every day, you are stripping it of it's natural oils.  You are also telling it to produce more oil!  Which leads us to our next questions.

How should I go about washing it less?
Start out with every other day for awhile.  Give your body a few weeks to get use to the change, and it will should start producing less oil.  Once you feel good about that, try going three.  See how it works.  Now obviously everyone is different.  And you don't want to be smellin' all nasty!  But just TRY it for a few weeks.  Your hair should stop producing as much oil.

But what if I work out a lot?
I work out a lot too.  And my hair gets really sweaty.  So I take a shower with it pinned back, wash off my body, shave my legs, blah blah and then I get out of the shower.  I take my hair down and blow it dry.  Yes.  I blow the salt water sweat dry.  Is that gross?  It's probably gross.  But my hair still smells delicious and after you get out of the shower you don't feel dirty anymore so it's like your just blowing your hair dry from when it got damp in the shower.  If it's too gross for you I totally understand.  It's just what I do!

On those ponytail days, what do you use to hide the oil?
I just recently started using baby powder.  I have blonde hair though, and the powder doesn't show.  It absorbs the oil which is fantastic and leaves my hair feeling super duper fresh!  I've also heard dry shampoo works wonders!  So go get yourself some!

ALSO, on those pony days, if I want my bangs to be left down I usually wet them and re-dry them.  That way they look nice!

What products do you use?
Check out this post here

What brushes do you use?
I use a comb from Sally's to rat my hair.  It has three rows of teeth.  I haven't found a picture of one yet.  It's brown.  And for a brush brush, I use just a cheap one from Wal-mart.  If you want to see what they both look like, check out the straight video or the curly video!