Chris Brown Likes His Pants Below the Ass

On Tuesday (Jan. 25) the sexy singer was spray painting some art in the streets of West Hollywood. When Chris bent over  he revealed his tight black underwear that was basically outlining his ass, i think its safe to say he's wearing boxer briefs. 5 pictures inside!

Pictures: Ultimate Chris

Alex Pettyfer Poses in his Underwear

Since everyone is talking about Alex Pettyfer i decided to make a post about him. I picked out just a couple of photos of 20 year old actor posing in his underwear back in his modeling days, enjoy!

My Valentines Desktop

Jackpot. The Shabby Shoppe offers FREE calendar templates made for your desktop. Is this not amazing? It's totally amazing. They have one for every month. And as you can see, they are adorable. I love that they're like a digital scrapbook page. How fun would it be to make a mini calendar? Even a full size calendar for grandma and grandpa? EVEN sending family the JPEG's or PDF's so they can put them up as their own desktop picture! I know, I just think these are awesome. You do need to have photoshop elements, I believe. I could be wrong. Go check it out though.

Eric Dane Waistband Glimpse

I know these pictures are a bit old and I've always been wanting to post these up so enjoy these pics of Eric Dane showing off his hot bod and his 2(x)ist waistband. 4 pictures inside!

Pictures: Socialite Life

French Braid? Yes. Or No.

Okay. Nothing special. I just thought it was cooler than a normal french braid... cause it was to the side... ? ha ha!! I haven't washed my hair in... four, five, five days. I'm getting it dyed and cut tomorrow, SO OVER DUE! So it's pretty nasty. Don't judge me! Anyway. I think I'm going to start putting pictures and maybe even some videos if any of you want, of different, cool hair styles and some tutorials. I've always wanted to put together a little picture book for my girls (if I ever have any!) of different hair styles that we have done or want to do. Because doing hair isn't hard, it's coming up with the idea that makes you end up straightening it everyday!

That's not a hair style. Oh that's just a cute little Bosty!
Ah, there's those three teeth he's had for the last three months.

More Subway Art

K. Check this out. So super cute! I think I like these better than the first ones I posted. I got them over at todays fabulous finds. Her blog is really awesome, if you haven't check it out, hop on over there!!

I love the roses at the bottom!

Look at all the designs!

Rafael Nadal Armani Underwear Ads! *Updated

I was so upset when i heard Armani was replacing Cristiano Ronaldo with Rafael Nadal because i don't think Rafael is anywhere close as hot as Cristiano, but after seeing this ad that gave him a little boost up of hotness points! Here's the Spanish tennis player in some white Emporio Armani boxer briefs.

UPDATE: Replaced old picture with HQ one and added 2 new pictures!

Bigger picture inside!

Spring Already?

Nope, not yet. Just loved the wreath. And don't forget those cute little rose balls that are in the planter box that reads, "bloom where you are planted". Cute huh!? Simple. Cheap. Easy. And her decorating ideas kill me everytime!! Check it out at House of Smith's.

Seasonal Shelves

I love the House of Smith's. I must have this wall when we get our own home! It's a distinct space for holiday or even every day decor. I'm totally copying all of these! You know I will too. She was on Studio 5 today. I LOVE HER! Anyway, she's a guest over at Censational Girl and that's where I found these pictures and a bunch of before's and after's of her entire house. Go check it out!

Tutorial and more Christmas decor ideas here

Tutorial and more Valentines Day Decor Here

Tutorial and more Halloween Decor ideas here

$7 Yard Sale Night Stand Makeover

This is simple stuff my friends. Some sanding, some spray painting, a little stenciling and some new hardware. I love the way this looks! I found it over at.... OF COURSE Tatertots!

Owls... all the rage!

Okay. This is the CUTEST idea for a nursery. Owls are all the rage right now. Check out all things thrifty for a tutorial. She has a free printable too! Ah, so cute!! She's putting these... art pieces? Yes, art pieces up on a colored wall, so the white frames will pop. I am so in love! If I don't get a girl, I will cry.

Stylish Blogger Award

K I totally know y'all are jealous of my stylish blogger award. That's right, my blog just got a stylish blogger award. Ha! Remember how I didn't even know that existed? Well it does. FYI. And I won it :-) ha ha!! I'm so going to tell everyone I know. Thanks for the loves peeps!

Jake Gyllenhall in Briefs on Love and Other Drugs

Check out these pictures of Jake Gyllenhall wearing briefs in Love and Other Drugs, just look at his bulge its huge! Not sure what this movies about but what i do know is that it has a lot of nude scenes and that's how i know it will be good. 5 pictures inside!

Pictures: Just a Dream

Brody Jenner Flashing his Underwear at The Hills Finale Party

Back in July of 2010 the MTV reality series The Hills ended, and at the after party Brody Jenner attended wearing some baggy pants exposing his white Ethika boxer briefs, sexy! 3 pictures inside!

Justin Bieber Sagging at a Basketball Game

Teen Superstar Justin Bieber was seen at the Atlanta Hawks basketball game with his pants below his ass showing off his black underwear, bigger picture inside!

Pictures: Bieber Brasil

um... Christmas is over dude

Shut up. It isn't. ... it is? I knew it. Made me so sad. I cried the day I took the tree down. HA funny funny joke for those of you who didn't catch that!

I JUST found these and thought to myself, why couldn't you do a Valentine one? Or a St. Patties day one... or Halloween one... or well, you get my drift. Super cute huh?!!! I found them over at A Diamond in the Stuff. When I finally move out of my parents, and have room to craft, I will make this and show you how cute a V-day one would be. If you make one, PLEASE PLEASE share!! I'm in love!