Okay, so many of you might be wondering why I keep copying everything from other blogs! Well there's a story behind it. I started this blog because:

My husband and I are living with my parents. While we have a lot of room, we don't have THAT much room and storing crafts is just... well, we don't have the space! I kept finding all these amazing crafts and things that I wanted to make and I didn't want to forget them when we moved out and I finally had the space. So, the blog. This is sort of my own personal way to make sure that I don't forget everything. So you other bloggers out there, you probably see these same posts over at more popular blogs and wonder why I'm even here!! But to those of you who don't check out other blogs, this is just a fun way to find super cute things that I've searched to find. I hope you enjoy and find things that you love, because while they aren't mine, you can't say that everything on here isn't ADORABLE!! And if you're in the mood, I've got a food blog that one day I will put all my favorite recipes on. Feel free to jump over there if you're in need of some yummy ideas. It's just starting out, but it's there!! LOVE YOU ALL!! And thanks again so much for following. Ah, it makes me feel so loved :-)