Little Boy Boston

No craft for today my friends. Brian and I spent the day with our naughty, but cute little boy Boston. He was been all sorts of fun these days... getting into kitchen cupboards, pouring milk out of his sippy and off the table, spitting food out of his mouth, whining and whining, and whining, and last but not least, screaming and crying to get out of his constraining car seat! Ha Ha!! All jokes aside, he is the sweetest boy when he wants to be!! He's so super cuddly, and loves being held. When he laughs, it's one of those heart melting belly laughs that destroys that tiny bit of anger you were holding inside you! Luckily, he laughs often. That little buddy, one of these days he'll be the death of me!! What I wouldn't do for him though, he's my everything.

Really you say, how could you be mad at a face like that?!

Can't you just see the menace in his eyes?!

There it is! AAAhahahhaha!!!

I'd love to know what you have all been up to! Link some crafts, or super cute outfits for me to see!!