Modpodged Books

I struck gold with this one folk It took me awhile to find this, and when I found it I just knew I had found something special! This is ridiculously easy, cheap and SOOOOOOOOOOO stinkin' cute, I can't even handle it. I think we've thrown away a bagillion text books, which is sad, I'm sure hoping I can find a few that have been hiding! This idea was found over at Somewhat Simple, which is one of my favs! (Keyword: Modpodged Books) She's got more pictures for ya over there if you'd like to take a gander!

Step One: Pick out your books

Step two and three: Apply the Mod Podge, and stick on that paper!

Step Four: Accessorize!

Step Five: Admire. You know you love it!
My favorite is the cupboard handle, who would have thought! Check back tomorrow cause I've got a craft I created all by myself. Really, no copies!