Time Capsule

take yourself a jar.
put a cute little family picture in the front.
then display it somewhere where it's easy to get to.
then... throughout the year drop fun little items that represent your year.
theirs included. movie ticket stubs. a silly band. hospital wrist band. popsicle stick with a joke on it. a yugio card. a "lucky rock" from a vacation. love note. a family business card. and more!

Found at Kelli Crowe's Blog

I thought it would be cute to bury the time capsule at the end of the year. Then on every Jan 1, you could essentially bury a time capsule and dig one up and have a good time remembering the previous year! Also, decorating the lid of the jar is a must. Cute ribbon, a few embellishments, and you could even put a tag on there that said 2011 or something, you get my drift!