Valentines Day Coupons

So while my sisters were in town, we crafted. All. night. long. It was nothing short of amazing. We made some Valentines Cards/Coupons for our husbands. They were SUPER easy and turned out really cute!

First, I thought of some coupons my husband would like... they're not all completely appropriate, so I won't list them all! ha ha!! A few include things like, a day full of nag free sports, wild cards, a morning to sleep in, a shoulder and back massage... you get the idea. Just come up with some things you think you're husband would like!

I typed what I wanted in a text box, right adjusted (so I could add cutsie paper to the left side of the coupon). After I printed them out, I simply cut them to the size I wanted. I used the text boxes to give me a basic outline.

After I printed them out, in pink, red and white, I added some cute scrapbook paper on one of the ends. I had a heart punch, so I added that in there too. I cut the ends of the paper with those pretty old school fancy schmancy scissors. Pretty fun.
Alright. The card itself. I took a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper and cut it in half. Then I folded it in half. Not too hard. Then I cut out one rectangle in different paper, and glued it to the bottom of the inside card, to make what is now the folder pocket. Make sense?
I cut a few hearts out with my cricut, and a little I love you sign. If you don't have a cricut, you could easily print out an 'I love you' designed in word or something, on pink paper, and then cut it out tracing around a clip out heart.

This really didn't take long. I would guess, after coming up with the coupons, an hour. The right side has the coupons, and the left side, well I'm going to type up a really nice letter or something. Thoughtful, cheap and super cute. Hope you enjoy!