Betty White to Host New Hidden Camera 'Prank' Show for NBC

Move over Ashton Kutcher. Our favorite comedic senior citizen has just signed on to a new comedy reality show gig!

NBC announced Thursday that they have ordered twelve episodes of the new “Betty White Off Their Rockers” show starring, of course, Betty.

The hidden camera prankster reality show will follow seven other senior citizens, led by 89-year-old White, as they play hidden camera pranks on the “unsuspecting youth and younger generation”.

White said,

“People have been telling me that I’m ‘off my rocker’ for years — now I can prove it.”

Betty has had a resurgence of popularity since hosting a Saturday Night Live episode last year, and her hit sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” has just been picked up for its third year on NBC, and she has a book coming out in May.

Boy, this gal really makes me feel old – and lazy.

“Off Their Rockers” is being licensed to the U.S. markets by a Belgian company where the show first originated with huge success.

No air date has been released.