Charlie Sheen on FunnyorDie – Winning Cooking Recipes

Charlie Sheen decided to try his hand at comedy once again, and this time is was Funny or Die.

The episode is titled “Winning Recipes” with Charlie Sheen, and Charlie starts the show smoking a cigarette and wearing a tiger striped chef’s hat.

Today’s project is how to cook a steak using all the power of a warlock, and is clearly shot on location at his now infamous house.

Charlie says his goal is to appear on every existing television network just in the way he got over 1 million twitter followers to place him in the book of world records.

Sheen’s cooking technique?

Winners stalk and kill their own food without earthly weapons…

No alcohol at Sober Valley Lodge, just “T”, made from ground dinosaur fossils…

Charlie doesn’t cook food… he wills it.

It’s pretty funny stuff, and good to see after almost two weeks of him disintegrating in front of our own eyes.