Photoshop Actions

Who's heard of The Pioneer Woman? Oh, all of you? Really? That's just awesome. How have I been left in the dark this long? Why did no one tell me!!? She has changed my life. Ha ha, I'm not even kidding. She cooks and home schools and has a ba-jillion awesome photoshop and photography tutorials. The pictures above are her photoshop {elements too} actions. FREE. Absolutely free. I found some over at Flora bella, which is a site you SO need to check out as well, but they cost $$. Which is sort of lame. But there's a before and after video, blows my mind. Makes me want to spend the $100. Probably will.

Wow, tangent. ANYWAY! I'm really new to photoshop {I use Mac's Aperture} and have loved playing around with what "they" call actions. They're pretty awesome. But The Pioneer Woman is giving hers away for free, you should check them out. I hope she changes your life!! I don't see how she could not.

This photo was straight out of the camera. Everyone thinks I photoshop his eyes, and I don't. Believe me or not.

These photos were fixed with a few of her actions... can't remember which ones. But cool huh?! Took 5 seconds!

These two are a little creepy for this picture, but you get the basic idea!!