Watch Katy Perry’s New ‘E.T.’ Video with Kanye West – It is Bizarre – Really…

I guess in a world of Lady Gaga the pressure to always release new, wild, and bizarre music videos must be tremendous.

Leave it to Katy Perry to not disappoint.

In her new music video, “E.T” featuring Kanye West, the full bodied singer takes things into the world of space to grab our attention. The scene is set on a dark, distant planet with alien spacecraft and surreal imagery.

Kanye West floats around in an extra-terrestrial “orb” while he wraps about candy bars, and how famous and important he is.

Really? Why is Kanye even in this video?

Perry then floats into the scene in what looks like some costume from the last Harry Potter movie.

I’m not sure what else I can say other than… Katy Perry is turning into Lady Gaga.

Watch it and enjoy?

Watch Katy Perry and Kanye West in “E.T” Music Video

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