Charlie Sheen Again Lashes Out at Chuck Lorre – A**Hole P*ssy Loser, Nut-less Sociopath...

For a guy looking for his job back, Charlie Sheen sure knows how to charm the boss.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that “Two and a Half Men” executive producer Chuck Lorre, had said there was a 50/50 chance the show would return.

The focus of the news was that Charlie Sheen would play no part in the show if it comes back, and that Lorre and staff have developed a new show plot without Uncle Charlie.

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But after the news broke, Sheen went on another warlock rampage full of expletives and tiger blood accusations, saying Lorre was a narcissist, a coward, a loser, and a spineless rat.

Sheen, who is already suing Lorre and CBS for $100 million dollars, says an attempt to reboot the series without him will fail miserably. He again lashes out personally toward Lorre saying,

“MY fans may tune in for a minute, but at the end of the day, no one cares about your feeble show without me. Shame on you. Not even a phone call to the man that put you on the map. The man that put 500 million dollars in your pockets.

You created a show BASED ON MY AWESOME LIFE. I busted my ass for 8 years to support your vision. Your dream. in turn, it is my nightmare. You sad silly fool. A-hole pussy loser. Put on the gloves you low rent, nut-less sociopath; I’ll beat your chicken shit soul in a court room into a state of gratitude.”

Wow. I don’t know what’s going through Charlie’s mind, but those words seem to do a better job of describing Sheen than Chuck Lorre. Could Sheen be becoming the very thing he hates the most?

The Warlock continues,

“A state of surrender. Something you left at the door every time you blundered into the pathetic AA loser lounge. Newsflash; they are planning on voting you off the AA island. Even those clowns have no room for you anymore. Wow, I’m sure your children are SO PROUD of you. You can teach’em how to be a stupid bitch. A narcissist. A coward. A loser. A spineless rat. I’m out here with my fans every night. The message is crystal clear; NO CHARLIE SHEEN. NO SHOW.”

Lorre and CBS have not commented publicly on Sheen’s letter, but we’re pretty sure they both expected it and are laughing at it. There is a bitter battle going on here between not only men – but egos.

But why must Sheen also interject Lorre’s participation with AA?

Every public and written tirade from Sheen always seems to digress into personal attacks against Lorre, his time with AA, and his wife and kids.

He is almost starting to sound like Donald Trump.

Our suggestion: Move on without Sheen and try a revamped show with a plot like the one talked about here. Ignore Sheen while giving your attention to Jon Cryer, cast, and crew.