Charlie Sheen at New York’s Radio City Music Hall – BAD – Review

Charlie Sheen continued his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” road show tonight at Radio City Music Hall in beautiful New York City.

How can New York not like Uncle Charley, right?

Charlie tells everyone that he will be donating $1.00 from each ticket to the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund. We do know that ticket prices dropped like a rock for this show with most selling for about $30 instead of the listed price of $125.

Again, the show started over a half hour late, and Sheen immediately started answering questions yelled out from the audience. It all seemed very unorganized.

His moderator, Joey Scoleri, who is never formally introduced, has to tell the liquored up crowd to be quite so Charlie can talk.

But after forty-five-minutes of crack, hooker, drugs, and partying stories the crowd started to grow impatient. Sheen then showed his edited version of the 20/20 interview that you can watch right here for free.

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When Sheen returned the audience really let him have it. They booed, the hissed, the heckled and they walked out. This seems to be the standard routine of his last four shows.

After a few final stale stories and references to warlocks, tiger blood, and Adonis DNA he walked off the stage. There was no standing ovation, but only an audience that seemed to sit in amazement that the show was over.

People started shuffling out with a look of confusion on their faces. It was clear that Charlie did not make a good impression with New Yorkers.

All you had to do was ask and they told you.

Unfortunately, Sheen still has 16 shows left. Next stop is Saturday Night in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Can it keep being this bad?