Charlie Sheen Boston Live Show Review – BAD

The “Violent Torpedo of Truth” live show with Charlie Sheen is back in motion after a well-deserved day off.

Sheen and company blew into Boston Tuesday night for a stop at Boston University's Agganis Arena.

Nobody knew what to expect since Sheen has consistently “changed up” his act from town to town.

As usual, the show starts late. As usual, Sheen launches immediately into questions from the audience. As usual, the crowd grows impatient and starts to boo.

Sheen used all of his catchphrases, including “tiger blood” and “winning,” within the first few minutes. Some fans were thoroughly entertained, while others said they had “Sheen enough.”

But tonight we have a surprise!

“Jersey Shore” DJ Pauly D is in the house and gets on the stage to chat with Charlie. Pauly offers Sheen a job in has next reality show.

Sheen then tells the audience that “talks” are progressing with CBS about getting his old job back and returning to “Two and a Half Men”. This is NOT what we have been led to believe.

People start leaving.

Sheen continues with his 20/20 video parody and more jokes about hookers and cocaine. People start to get up and leave in much larger numbers - hissing as they leave the theater.

By ten o’clock the show is over and Charlie has left the stage. No standing ovation, in fact there were very few applause as he ends the show.

Looks like another bad night in Beantown for Charlie Sheen.

Uncle Charley’s next show is not until Saturday at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I’ve heard about those people in New Jersey. Good luck Charlie.