Charlie Sheen in Columbus Show Review – Dull

Sometime funnyman Charlie Sheen rolled through Columbus Ohio last night, and it seems that the troubled troubadour has found his groove.

Kind of.

But that groove, according to fans, may be shallow and none too deep. His show in Columbus was better than his disastrous show in Detroit where he was booed off the stage, but there was very little actual comedy and a lot of angry Charlie ranting about tiger blood and Vatican assigns.

“He thinks he can just get up on a stage and repeat all the catch phrases he has created and people will laugh. Some did, but most of us were looking for something a little deeper.”

True. In fact, some fans leaving the theater said Sheen looked a bit run down, his voice was hoarse, and he seemed tired.

He was once again tossed easy questions from his moderator, and talked about smoking crack, spending money, hanging out with porn stars, and partying with all the famous people in Hollywood.

But is that what he plans to do every night for the remaining seventeen shows? If so, things are going to be really stale by the end of the tour.

There were a few empty seats and some audience members said they had paid $100 for their ticket, there was also the sense that this was like a big fraternity party and everybody was there to drink.

Time will tell, after a day off and a chance to refine things yet again, Sheen will make his grand appearance at “Radio City Music Hall” in New York on April 8.

One thing we know about New Yorker’s is, if they don’t like something – we’ll hear about it.