Charlie Sheen Moves To Trademark 22 of His Classic Sayings

We love living in a country that is founded on pure capitalism, and apparently, so does Charlie Sheen.

In a classic move that can only portend to a great future of products, some that may radically change the world as we know it, Charlie Sheen has moved to trademark over twenty of his most famous catch-phrases.

And if we’re lucky, someday we may all be able to eat, drink, wear, listen, sleep, workout, poop, and watch something branded with the red-hot irony that is Charlie Sheen.

Here is a partial list as we have it so far:

Adonis DNA, Duh, Winning, Vatican Assassin, Tiger Blood Rock Star from Mars, Sheen’s Goddesses, “I’m not bi-polar, I am winning”, Violent Torpedo of Truth, Defeat is Not an Option, Sober Valley Lodge, and Sheen’s Goddesses.

Official records show a California company formed just last month and calling themselves “Hyro-gliff” filed multiple trademark applications in March 2011. The filings show the company address as the offices of Sheen’s attorney, Marty Singer.

But there is already plenty of competition. Two other companies are seeking the trademark to “Adonis DNA”, “Winning!” and “Tiger Blood.” The suggested uses range from a clothing line to nutritional supplements.

The filings do not guarantee that any of the products will ever be made, but if approved they will protect Sheen's name and interests from anybody who tries to make products from his sayings.

Uncle Charley has already been selling T-shirts and other merchandise on his website and at his live shows using some of the phrases. That would give him an advantage in claiming trademark rights, said an attorney.

It could take a year or more for the government to register the trademarks, but the fact that he is selling merchandise with the phrases protects his interests. He will have a much stronger claim to those trademark rights than any third party.

What is your favorite Sheen-ism?