Charlie Sheen Police Escort in Washington D.C. Under Investigation

Tuesday was a busy day for Charlie Sheen.

He started in L.A. in a court room fighting for custody of his children, and by nightfall he was racing to Washington D.C. on a private jet to do a show.

Sheen landed in D.C. almost an hour late and somehow was able to convince the D.C. police to give him a full escort to DAR Constitution Hall.

Sheen tweeted a picture of the speedometer at 80 MPH and lights flashing and said,

"In car with Police escort in front and rear! Driving like someone's about to deliver a baby! Cop car lights."

Now an internal investigation is underway by the Washington D.C. Police Department and they want to know how this all happened saying,

“Citizens of the District don’t want to see their police force used to escort private citizens and that Charlie Sheen, of all people, is getting a personal escort. This entire matter is under investigation.”

Please keep it simple guys. Just send Sheen a bill and I’m sure he’ll pay it.

Problem solved.