Charlie Sheen Uploads Parody Video of His Infamous 20/20 Interview

Charlie Sheen is at it again.

The “Torpedo of Truth” Messiah, Charlie Sheen, has graced us Earthlings with new words of proverbial tiger wisdom that only Trolls can deny are truth… or something like that…

Sheen took directors liberties with an original cut of his now infamous 20/20 interview on ABC last month. He spliced in repeated catch phrases, jokes, bizarre costume changes, and all around “you should have stopped after the first one”.

Oh yea, Sheen also sticks cigarettes up his nose and in his ears and blows smoke through his nose, and performs synchronized swimming with his bro-friends. Seriously, I’m not making that up - really.

The video first appeared during his live show in Detroit where it was not received well.

You be the judge:

Watch Charlie Sheen’s 20/20 Interview Spoof Video