Charlie Sheen Warned Not to Smoke on Stage in Toronto or Face Arrest and Fines

Poor Charlie Sheen.

Earlier today he was chastised by the Warner Bros lawyers for talking about returning to “Two and a Half Men”, and now the Canadian Smoking Police have issued him a stern warning about smoking on stage during his show tonight.

Massey Hall and Toronto city regulations prohibit smoking cigarettes while on stage. Since Sheen is an “on stage” chain smoker this could be by far the hardest show he has ever done.

Ontario Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best said public health inspectors will be watching to make sure Sheen doesn't smoke on stage at Massey Hall during his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” show.

Sheen, one of the stars of the cancelled television show “Two and a Half Men” tweeted on Wednesday that he was looking forward to "winning" with Torontonians.

Good luck with that.