Dennis Quaid Admits Destructive Cocaine Habit

We knew one branch of the “Quaid” tree was a little mossy with Randy Quaid and wife Evi.

They are hiding out in Canada so the Hollywood assassins don’t find them.

But brother Dennis had some news of his own to drop this week. Seems Dennis Quaid used to have a very destructive cocaine habit during the 1970’s and 80’s.

Dennis, 57, is currently doing publicity for his film “Soul Surfer” and told CBS News that he became addicted to cocaine when he first moved to California to pursue an acting career.

"It was very casual at first. That's what people were doing when they were at parties. Cocaine was even in the budgets of movies, thinly disguised. It was petty cash, you know? It was supplied, basically, on movie sets because everyone was doing it. People would make deals. Instead of having a cocktail, you'd have a line.

By the time I was doing The Big Easy, in the late 1980s, I was a mess...I'd wake up, snort a line, and swear I wasn't going to do it again that day. But then 4 o'clock rolled around, and I'd be right back down the same road like a little squirrel on one of those treadmills"

Quaid, who will be seen later this year in the “Footloose” remake, is well known for his roles in “Smart People”, “Yours, Mine and Ours”, “Flight of the Phoenix, Everybody's All-American”, and “The Right Stuff”.

His brother Randy Quaid, and his wife Evi, are hiding out in Canada after being found by police in a house that they sold ten years ago. They told authorities that they were being chased by aliens and fled to Canada before their court appearance. Yea, nuts.

Dennis says he has cleaned up his act but does not completely regret the experience saying,

“It gave me the resolve and a resilience to persevere in life. If I hadn't gone through that period, I don't know if I'd still be acting.”