Does Stefano Langone Have a Record Deal Yet? Pia Toscano Got One… Is He Gay? Can He Play Piano?

Lots of fans are talking about Stefano Langone these days.

And they are all asking the same questions:

Does he have a record deal yet? Does he really play piano and guitar? Did he hold back on American Idol? Did he really admit to being gay?

Ever since Stefano told reporters he was intentionally holding back during his American Idol performances, viewers have been wondering when he will be signed to a record contract.

Langone, 21, shocked the world when he told reporters that he is using his Idol experience as “star school”, and was planning to release his “swag” on the general public with his first album after the summer tour.

Most critics are saying it is just a matter of DAYS before he announces a record deal. Remember what happened to Pia Toscano?

Within 24 hours of Pia being eliminated she had a record deal with Interscope Records and is already working on her first single.

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Stefano has been dealing with the media as if he is already the next big sensation telling reporters,

“I held back on purpose. Idol is not my style. I didn’t want viewers to see me play the guitar or piano because I am waiting to show them my passion and skills on my first album”

Langone says he knew he would never be the Idol winner so instead he has used the exposure to network and prepare to launch his own career.

He says that during the American Idol Summer Tour he plans to show audiences how good he really is.

There is also speculation that Langone will appear on the Jay Leno show this week and will be asked about not only a record deal, but also about getting arrested for DUI in 2010, and rumors that he is gay.

Another Idol, Jacob Lusk, has also admitted to being arrested but feels it won’t jeopardize his chances at winning. Jacob has admitted to being gay.

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Stefano says he has a “man crush” on fellow contestant James Durbin, and has even agreed to be his best man at his wedding, but also says he is single and hanging out with the ladies – taking it all in saying, “I’m not gay”.

Who do you think is going home this week?