Drew Carey Launches Original Improv Comedy Show On The Game Show Network - Video

We’ve always liked Drew Carey.

We liked him on his first attempt at an improv show – remember “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

The Game Show Network has announced that it will begin airing the new “Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza” on April 11 at 8:00 pm and it will sport a stand-up cast of comedians that includes Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Jonathan Mangum, Kathy Kinney, Chip Esten, and Jeff Davis.

Carey says the format will be short sketches of comedic improv that will provide for a series of unpredictable moments. It will also play host to the occasional guest like Wayne Brady on April 11 and Charlie Sheen on April 12.

Really? Charlie Sheen doing improv?

When asked about how the show will be different then “Whose Line is it Anyway”, Colin Mochrie said,

“Unlike Who’s Line, there isn’t a host per se. Drew Carey has his name on the show of course, but it’s more like a taping of what our Vegas shows were, where everyone takes time. Everybody has a chance to introduce the scene, set up the characters. So there’s no host that way.

Also, unlike Who’s Line, Ryan Stiles and I would always work together, Brad Sherwood and Wayne Brady would always do the songs. So it’s really mixed up that way. We got a chance to work with everybody. I got to do a couple of singing games, which - Who’s Line I think was contracted not to have me sing. So, it has many, many differences."

One of the first weeks guests is supposed to be Charlie Sheen, who worked with Ryan Stiles on the now infamous “Two and a Half Men” series.

In fact, I thought Stiles character of Herb Melnik was one of the best characters on the show. Remember the pumpkin seed episode?

So will Ryan and Charlie do a sketch mocking the current “situation” that Sheen finds himself in?

Stay tuned!