Eyeliner Howto: Tightlining Technique, the Waterline & Favorite Products

Eyeballs make me cringe. Seriously. I can sometimes just imagine getting poked in the eye or something crazy happening to my eyes and I almost throw up. True story.

Because of this, lining the waterline and tightlining were always something I stayed away from up until a couple years ago. It just seemed dangerous, unnecessary, and gross.

I'm so glad I gave it a shot, practiced, and have discovered some great fool-proof products over the past few years because I absolutely love the results.
So to show you what "tightlining" and lining the waterline really mean, and how to get great results, I figured I'd make a handy dandy little video tutorial.

...One that didn't make it seem dangerous, unnecessary, and gross.
Because I still cringe whenever I see someone else do it.

If you have sensitive eyes and want to try this technique, make sure you stick to the tips I give in the video and choose safe products that are safe for use in that area. Also, maybe just skip the waterline and start with tightlining.
Check out the video below for a description of both and a tutorial/demonstration of these lining techniques.