Help Stephen Colbert Turn His ‘ColbertPAC’ Into a ‘Super PAC’

The time is at hand my friends.

Here is our opportunity to propel Stephen Colbert into the annals of the American political system.

Allow him to wield the mighty sword of capitalism in an attempt to influence the very survival of the most tested politicians - in a way that only Colbert knows how to do.

And just how does he plan to do it? He doesn’t know yet.

Who is he going to try and influence? He doesn’t know yet.

But he does know that it he can create a PAC (Political Action Committee) to raise free money, he will use its power for the good of our great country.

But suddenly, big corporate America stepped in and said he couldn’t do it. They said no to his dreams.

But it is not over yet.

Jay the Intern's pony is rested, watered and ready to take Steven's super PAC forms to Washington, D.C.