Is Justin Bieber Tiring of the Fame and Fortune? Friends Say He Is Growing More and More Frustrated

Even good things can seem bad when there is too much of it too fast.

This is what some insiders are saying about teen sensation Justin Bieber and his meteoric rise to fame.

But some people close to the singer are starting to quietly come forward telling of a young man growing increasingly frustrated at the world of celebrity stardom.

Bieber’s biggest complaint?

No privacy. He is followed now by two body guards every place he goes and there is security outside his door while on the road in Hotels.

“People are ALWAYS around him. Changing his close, messing with his hair, taping microphone wires too him, move here, stand there kind of thing. When he moves around, he always moves with a team of people”.

They also say Justin is growing tired of having his mother, Pattie Mallette, around twenty-four hours a day.

“Justin is starting to grow up and is not happy having his mother shadow him while at home and on tour. He feels that he is old enough to venture out on his own and it makes him feel like a little kid when his mother is always around. He thinks it might not be cool for a kid his age to hang around his mother as much.”

Justin is guided through every step of his waking day by managers telling him about everything from what to eat, what to wear, when to sleep, when to work, and what to say. He feels like he has become the very thing he has told is fans he is not – a machine created to sing and make money for the people around him and a music producer’s record label.

“He feels like he has lost a lot of control and everything he does is now about keeping the image, and the machine, moving forward. People book things on his schedule months in advance and he has little time to just relax and be a kid. He travels almost %100 of the time”.

His biggest fear is getting sick and not being able to perform because he doesn’t want to let anybody down. He knows on any given day there may be a hundred people earning their paycheck from the “Bieber Machine”. Overseas trips are the worst as somebody on the team is always getting sick from the 5,000 mile flight.

“He is also tired of all the scrutiny in his life. In the beginning everybody thought he was gay, and then when he started dating Selena Gomez everybody wanted to kill her!”

Bieber tries to play the role of “I’m just a kid who sings”, but now that he is seventeen he is starting to see that those days are gone and that his celebrity status is going to follow him a long time wherever he goes. He is starting to see the payoff for his success – and that payoff is not having much of a normal life.

And contrary to what he has told every interview host, he does get tired of the screaming girls - and frequently wears earplugs in public to drown out the noise.

“They are always screaming. You can hear them outside the hotel at 6:00 in the morning and at 11:00 at night. Every time he gets out of a car he has to be rushed by a crowed that is screaming at him. It gets old. At first he was great with it, but now you can see it in his eyes – he is growing tired.”

But somehow we suspect that Bieber will find his inner strength and push through the drudgery. Not everybody gets this chance to live out their dream – and we’re sure he realizes that as well and is enjoying the good more than he is hating the bad.

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