Justin Bieber Gives Away 700 Free Tickets to His Show in Tel Aviv Israel

See, this is why we like Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is giving away 700 free concert tickets to his fans so they can see his performance Thursday night in Tel Aviv.

Tickets are being given to children living in the Gaza Strip area that have been subjected to repeated rocket attacks and random mortar shelling.

The tickets, and transportation to and from Tel Aviv, are a gift from The Schusterman Foundation of Israel, The Morningstar Foundation and the ROI Community of Young Jewish Innovators.

Bieber arrived Monday in Israel and is scheduled to perform Thursday night, but also has plans to visit the historic Holy sites of Israel with his visiting father, Jeremy, and mother Pattie.

Several cast and crew members have also flown in family and plan an extended stay and tour of the Holy Land.

Bieber will visit Christian sites in the Galilee, the Dead Sea, Masada, Acre and Caesaria, and is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before leaving.

But things have not gone without a hitch. Tuesday morning Bieber had a run in with Israeli Paparazzi while visiting a historic church. Justin had asked for privacy while inside the church with his family but the photographers had different idea.

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One thing that made the ticket giveaway possible is that sales for the show have been lower than expected. The concert venue is in Tel Aviv and many parents are afraid to have their children together in such a large crowded area in case there is any kind of terrorist attack.

Concert promoter Gadi Oron announced Sunday that a parent could enter the concert free with the purchase of two tickets for children at the regular price.

“Many Israeli parents refuse to send their young teens alone to a major rock concert in the middle of Tel Aviv. By giving the parents free tickets we expect to see a larger turnout as they come and enjoy the show with the children.”

Looks like Justin is treating the Holy Land with love, now if the paparazzi would do the same.

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