Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 4 Months in Jail for Parole Violation

Lindsay Lohan was just sentenced to 120 days in jail for parole violation.

Lohan was in court today to answer to charges she stole a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store.

Lindsay is already on probation – and has been for several years.

Judge Stephanie Sautner said a trail for her charge of felony theft can move forward and that Lohan had violated her parole.

The judge ordered her to immediately begin serving a 4 month jail sentence for the parole violation, and required her to do 12 weeks of community service at a women’s shelter and the morgue.

She was led out of the court room in handcuffs, then downstairs to be processed, and finally to her jail cell.

Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Holley said a bail bondsman was standing by to supply the $75,000 bail money, and that she would immediately file an appeal.

And another saga of Lindsay going to jail begins….

Queue the tabloids and cover your ears.