My New Office! (Photo Tour)

If you all follow both of my YouTube channels, MakeupByTiffanyD and TiffanyDtv, then you know that during the past few weeks I've been working on a little project in the room I film in. Well, I guess a little project that turned into a big project, that ultimately resulted in a very stressful trip to Ikea. But it was all very worth it! Over the last couple weeks, I've shown you little bits and pieces of the new room, info on the furniture, and shared the progress with you all here and there in random videos.
Now it's (almost) finished and decorated. ...and yes, I actually found something to put inside of all those shelves! :)
In the next day or so, I'll be posting a tour of the new room on one of my YouTube channels.
I've been enjoying the new space SO much. Not only is it beautiful, but it's so practical. I finally have an office space of my own and a TON of extra storage for all of my office-y things.
Here is a little peek of the new room for you all!

The new furniture strangely made the tiny room feel much more spacious...
Bookshelf: Hemnes storage combination (Ikea)
Desk: Liatorp desk (Ikea)
All mirrored furniture: Hayworth collection: Jewelry Amoire, Lingerie Chest, Vanity table with Mirror and Bench (Pier 1)

Still need to find a great chair. Until then, my lil' wire-y one will have to do.

Added a new super girly chandelier... why not. (Home Depot)

The storage in this desk is AMAZING.
Awww at the poor lil' wire-y chair...haha. That's the only thing left to find! The perfect chair.
If you're interested in my pink keyboard cover, I got mine on

In the process of getting a glass topper for the desk. I'm paranoid about ruining it before then.

Spruced-up my little bookshelf. It used to be my Papaw's- he kept his records in there. I painted it white. I decided to add some short cafe curtains to cover the clutter inside. The top shelf houses my nail polish collection. The bottom shelf holds random books.

The new shelf is great for photo storage- From my photo boxes to framed ones to display...

One of my favorite wedding pictures. Brad is not in it
To-do: Find wedding picture to display in office that actually has husband in it.

Added a new lamp from Target...

And yep, my makeup/filming area stayed just the same!

aaand this is how I work... Still haven't decided if I'm a PC or a MAC. :/