Nails: Chanel Mimosa

Yellow is probably the color least-worn on my nails. My opinion has always been:"Yellow and nails just don't mix".

Until I saw this color by Chanel and caved.

Spending $25 on a nail polish is usually a practice I reserve for the crazies (you know you're reading this...), but I've been known to lose my mind from time to time.

Mimosa by Chanel is a lemon-yellow with a golden frost to it. The frost isn't too intense though. From a distance, you wouldn't even notice it. I'm not too crazy about the formula. Of course, two coats is the way to go. However, with two THICK coats, it still looked a bit streaky in spots and the whites of my nails still show through a bit.

Overall, if you have a little patience with the formula, it's a fun and unexpected twist on nail color for Spring!