Ohio Man Gets $16 Million Cable Bill from Time Warner

Everybody these days is trying to trim their budgets and live within their means.

But for one Beavercreek Ohio man, his expenses took a turn for the worse when he received a cable bill for $16 million dollars.

Daniel DeVirgilio, an engineer, told his local newspaper,

“All I want to do is watch March Madness…had I known this I would have bought Showtime.”

DeVirgilio calculated he would have to order almost half a million pay-per-view movies in a thirty day period to even come close to racking up the charges that appeared on his bill. His normal bill usually runs about $80 per month and all he wanted to do is add a NCAA package.

His cable provider, Time Warner, admitted there was a “glitch” in their billing software, combined with a little human error, which incorrectly charged Daniel the high fee.

Time Warner says they are working to correct the problem and will even waive any late fees.