Stephen Colbert Admits He Pooped in the Ocean.

Any fan of the Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert knows he likes to try new things.

He has his own flavor of ice cream, he has carried the Olympic torch, he has run for President, he has his own Political Action Committee, and he has a NASA treadmill named after him on the International Space Station.

What has Stephen set his sights on now?

The comedian announced today at the New York Auto Show that he will once again be competing in the biennial 750 Mile Charleston Bermuda Race, this time with the newly formed Team Audi.

Colbert participated in the same race in 2005 and had some problems. He told Outside Magazine,

"I came in dead last last time; I finished four days behind the lead boat. We lost a sail; we didn't have any diesel power so we couldn't charge any of our batteries. Both of our toilets became nonfunctional. That was on day two."

After a brief, uncomfortable moment, Colbert admitted that he had pooped in the ocean. “I sh#t in the sea.”

This year, his boat will have a twelve man crew and a huge picture of Colbert on its sail. It takes off from Charleston Harbor May 21 and plans to arrive four days later in Bermuda.

When asked if he planned to win he said,

"Yes, we hope to do that. Win. I will get a cup and eternal glory. I will make everyone laugh, that's the way to keep from getting scared."

Happy sailing Captain.

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