Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallen Feud Over Charity Donations – Sings Rebecca Blacks “Friday” with The Roots. Video

Jimmy Fallen and Stephen Colbert are feuding over the almighty dollar – charity dollars that is.

It seems that Fallen and Colbert, who claim they have been best friends for six months, got into an on air battle for donations to the charity Donors Choose.

Colbert challenged Fallon’s fans to raise $26,000 for the charity, saying that Fallon would match any donations. Fallon, on the other hand, said he never made that claim.

The feud culminated in an amazing run of giving when Fallon and NBC were able to raise $86,000.

But why was Stephen Colbert so dead set against Fallon’s efforts?

Because Colbert agreed to appear on Jimmy’s show and sing the Rebecca Black smash hit single song “Friday” with the “Roots” if he lost.

Well… Colbert lost, and the result was one of the best pieces of comedy television that we’ve ever seen.

Colbert started singing alone, and then was joined by an auto-tuned rap by Fallon, and then American Idol winner Taylor Hicks piled on, and finally the Jimmy Fallon Dancers rounded out the number.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most embarrassing loss for charity in late night history.

Watch Stephen Colbert Sing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Featuring Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Hicks

And in case you were wondering why everybody hates Rebecca Blacks song “Friday” you can watch her sad journey here on FunnyorDie.