The Original ‘Great Gatsby’ House On Long Island Demolished - Video

Yesterday morning on the north shore of Long Island New York a beautiful old house was demolished.

But this was not just any old house – this was a house with an old and famous past.

This was the original house, named “Land’s End”, which inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald while he wrote “The Great Gatsby”.

The 21,000 square foot house was built in 1902 and hosted some of the most extravagant parties in Sand’s Point. Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and others would attend alongside the kings of industry. The house was the social center for many a great and wealthy man.

The house was purchased by a real estate developer eight years ago for $18 Million but the upkeep turned out to be too much so the decision was made to tear it down. The plan is to build five new homes on the land once demolition is complete.

Watch Video About The Gatsby House and Demolition